Cancellation Policy


Our team here at Waverley Animal Hospital strives to provide a high level of compassionate care in a timely manner for all of our patients.

Scheduled appointments are our way of committing our time to each patient’s needs. As with any schedule, there is a high demand for appointments and our availability is limited.  Missed appointments impair our ability to see other patients when they are in need.  “No show” and same-day cancellations not only hinder our schedule for that day, but also creates limitations to our future schedule.

If you must cancel your appointment, see the instructions below. This allows us to accommodate other patients who may need prompt medical care and respect our veterinarian’s time.

We understand that extenuating circumstances do arise; please discuss this with a member of our team for more information.  However, with an increasing number of “no shows”, late and same-day cancellations it is necessary to present a cancellation policy.

“No Show” appointments are when a client does not arrive for their scheduled appointment and/or has not communicated a cancellation. It also applies to arriving 15 minutes late (or more) to the scheduled appointment time.

Same-day cancellations are any appointments that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice. Please note the details below for Monday appointments.

The fee for “no show” appointments and same-day cancellations will be the cost of a consultation and for surgery/procedures the fee is 50% of the estimated cost.

If two “no shows” or same-day cancellations occur in a row or within a 6 month period, the client will be required to pre-pay this non-refundable fee for any future appointments.  Payment will be taken over the phone with a credit card at the time the appointment is being made.  If a third event occurs a client’s file will be directed to management for review.

How to cancel your appointment:

For appointments, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation, for dental or surgical procedures, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice.  Monday appointments require cancellation Friday by 4pm and for surgery/a procedure requires cancellation Thursday by 4pm.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call 902-576-2068, send us an email to [email protected], or leave us a voicemail if it is after hours.