Fetching Dog Grooming

Fetching is a full-service dog grooming salon that is located on the second floor of Waverley Animal Hospital. We meet the most basic of needs such as nail trims and baths to full grooms and styles.  We also specialize in working with fear reactive, anxious and senior dogs.   

Services offered at Fetching: 

  • Nail trims we can successfully rehabilitate even the most anxious of dogs during nail trims! 
  • Bath with nail trim 
  • Bath and tidy for the dogs that do not need a full groom but a refresher on their current look.  This service includes a bath, blow dry, basic trim and nail trim. 
  • Full groom The whole meal deal! Bath, dry, cut, nails, and style all included. 

 Hours are by appointment only  

Contact us at 902-576-7387