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We are excited to offer puppy classes onsite !


Two different levels are available: Puppy Primer (12 weeks – 4 months) & Puppy Class (4-8 months). There will be 6 classes that will run 45-60 minutes with 6 puppies per class.  Classes will be held outside in our fenced area when weather permits, and inside when needed.  Our trainer recommends not feeding your puppy before class so they are more eager to work for their rewards! If your puppy’s class is in the evening we suggest no super and a smaller breakfast if class is in the afternoon.  Bring a mixture of kibble and lots of high-value treats (liver, chicken soft treats etc.)

Puppy Primer covers basic skills such as:

  • Handling of collar, paws & ears
  • Rewarding calm behavior
  • Introducing new/novel objects (ex: umbrella/hats/strollers etc.)
  • Basic sit, down, spin, stand
  • Building engagement
  • Recall
  • Trouble shooting, answering questions, management
  • Reviewing exposure importance

Puppy Class covers a larger skillset such as:

  • Handling (examinations, tables, ear drop practice)
  • Mat/place work
  • Rewarding doing “nothing”
  • Ignoring other dogs
  • Loose leash walking
  • Building engagement
  • Engaging with new/novel objects
  • Sit, down, spin, other ticks
  • Recall
  • Troubleshooting

Call us to inquire about pricing and availability !